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    We have recently purchased an NT Server and have been told we should learn ASP, I know absolutely nothing about ASP. Can anyone tell me how I start and where I start to learn about ASP.<BR>My e-mail:<BR><BR>Thanx<BR><BR>Da ve

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    Hi i was also a beginner in ASP and i bought 2 books that helped me allot, Active Server Pages for DUMMIES and Visual Interdev 6 for DUMMIES you can also find amazing tutorials here in this web site, they have great ASP Q & A for beginner level, if you need any more support please feel free to ask..<BR> I’ll do my best to help, you came to right place for Q & A don’t forget that !<BR>

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    Personal opinion: Wrox Publishing&#039s books rock...try &#039Beginning Active Server Pages&#039 or something very similar from them. If you&#039re familiar with VB, it&#039s usually a simple transition. If not, Wrox tries to make it easier. <BR><BR>Good Luck in any case:)

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