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    I have a connection to a database made in an ASP page. I am then displaying the database information in a table on the web page.<BR>However when there are empty record in the database I sill want the table cell to be outlined.<BR>Can anyone help - would cellpaddinf or something help? <BR>

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    Default What is your db question

    This is a HTML question. Please post questions like this in the HTML forum.<BR><BR>and to answer your question...<BR><BR>Check for empty data if there is nothign then put either a space or a - or SOMETHING.<BR><BR>You HAVE To put something in the cells foe it to display.<BR>

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    Why not create a routine to add an &amp;nbsp; whenever the field is empty. Like this:<BR><BR>Function FixEmpty(aValue)<BR>If Len(aValue) &#062; 0 then<BR>FixEmpty = aValue<BR>else<BR>FixEmpty = &amp;nbsp;<BR>End If<BR><BR>Then on your page do this:<BR>Response.Write "&#060;td&#062;FixEmpty(rs("MyField"))&#060;/td&#062;"

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