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    When a user push a button, records should be deleted from a database. Now I want a messagebox to appear, where the user is warned about the delete (he can choose yes for a real delete, or no to return to the same page). How can I realize this?<BR><BR>Please help, it&#039;s rather urgent... <BR><BR>(I&#039;m working with asp-pages, and the real delete happens in a different asp-page than those that contains the button "Delete")<BR>

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    off the top of my head,. and perhaps this it TOO simple an approach,.. <BR><BR>what i&#039;ve done in a similar situation is have 2 variables for my delete sub routine,..<BR><BR>variable 1, which is true by default is to display the delete options,...<BR><BR>variable 2, when set to on displays confirmation of the item to be deleted,.. the "yes" link sends a variable back to the app to proceed with the deletion,.. the "no" link simple returns you to the delete options,...<BR><BR>

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