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    Sharon Guest

    Default apostrophe catastrophe - different from anything l

    I have text that is being inserted into a sql db via a form. This text is the actual content of our clients&#039; sites. If any of the text contains an apostrophe (ie. Jane&#039;s books) it comes out on the asp page with double quotes (ie. Jane"s books). Everything else seems to work fine... I don&#039;t lose any data, nothing is cut off just double quotes where apostrophes should be. As a work around at the moment(cause i&#039;m a newbie and don&#039;t know how to fix this) I am using a tick mark(`) as an apostrophe which seems to work fine but I actually have to think to insert that tick mark when adding content to the website. I don&#039;t always remember when I am updating 339 pages. :( Also, we provide our clients with a content manager that they can use to do their own updates to their site. Most don&#039;t read or have forgotten that there is a Warning on the Content Mgr login page regarding the apostrophe problem. Tech Support probably receives around 20 calls per week on this alone and I would like to be able to fix it.<BR><BR>Is this the same question that everyone else has been asking for eons? most of the posts that I have read contained funky stuff like &#039; being replaced with % or the &#039; being completely removed but not the problem of " being inserted instead.<BR><BR>Any info or redirection would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Sharon

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    Sharon Guest

    Default FYI-different from anything listed in FAQ


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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default RE: apostrophe catastrophe - different from anythi

    Hmm<BR><BR>how are you doing your replace.<BR><BR>the fact is, if you insert &#039; you get an error(as u know)<BR>but if you insert &#039;&#039; you won&#039;t, and when it is requested, you should be back to &#039; .<BR><BR>are you doing 2 replaces? so you replace &#039; with &#039;&#039;<BR>and &#039;&#039; with &#039;&#039;&#039;&#039;?<BR><BR>just a guess.

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    Sharon Guest

    Default you are correct

    I did find a second replace where it read like this:<BR><BR>sArticleData = Replace(sArticleData, "&#039;", "&#039;&#039;")<BR><BR>I commented this out and tested and it works fine :)<BR>I don&#039;t have a clue as to why this was even in the code in the first place. It is lovely working with someone else&#039;s code :)<BR><BR>Thanks again.<BR>Sharon

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default Maintenance coding is

    like sex with an old prostitute.<BR><BR>IMO

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    Default You would know <nm>


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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default Hmm, the fifth?

    I will plead.<BR><BR>We don&#039;t have pro...es around here.<BR><BR>Got a ways to travel for that.<BR><BR><BR>Just thought the analogy was appropriate.<BR>

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