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    Hi All,<BR>Sorry for this question,<BR>i want to use this function in javascript<BR>page name is where i call this function update.asp<BR>function page_call(){<BR>window.location = "updateIns.asp?a=1"<BR>return true;<BR>}<BR>but it is not working.<BR>i call this on the button onClick="return page_call()"<BR><BR>any idea please help me.<BR><BR>Affan

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    Wim VDB Guest

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    Try this :<BR><BR>function page_call(){ <BR>href.location = "updateIns.asp?a=1" <BR>return true; <BR>} <BR>but it is not working. <BR>i call this on the button onClick="page_call()" <BR>

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    lokesh Guest

    Default link problem

    don&#039;t return anything from function just call a function on button click it will definitely work<BR><BR>

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