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    How do I program a browsers print command? If the user clicks the browsers print button or chooses print from the file menu, how would I program this to print a different page that is not shown?

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    Default You cant

    what you CAN do though it open a new window when the user clicks on the print button YOU create and in that window load whatever you want let it print then close that window.

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    I cheated this a little when I wanted to do the same thing.<BR><BR>I started with a button the button to print the page.<BR>I used onClick to open another window sized to, say, 50x50px and passed the pertinent info into that window which, once loaded, executed window.print, and then closed itself.<BR><BR>In an intranet environment this happens pretty quickly, so no one really notices the extra window opening and closing, because they are then presented with the printer dialogue.<BR><BR>Not the most graceful solution, perhaps, but it works. Like I say, it&#039;s a fair cheat. Maybe if I need this functionality again, I&#039;ll devise something a bit less convoluted.<BR><BR>Man...I hope that made sense...been a loooong day.

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