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    turar Guest

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    dim fs, thisfile<BR>Set fs = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR>Set thisfile = fs.OpenTextFile("C:/Inetpub/bla/bla.txt", 1, False)<BR><BR>the whole test ASP file just consists of the above 3 lines and when i open it in the browser, it would keep "opening" it until operation expires.<BR>help

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    Thomas Fuller Guest

    Default RE: filesystemobject

    I think that&#039;s because that&#039;s all you&#039;re asking it to do. You&#039;re not reading in lines or copying the file or moving the file and you definately don&#039;t appear to be closing the file so all it is trying to do is open it and it sounds like that&#039;s what it&#039;s doing? Just a thought

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    turar Guest

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    no, originally the code was a part of a real page (lots lots lines:), but in search of a bug i found that these three lines, and actually only the second of them was the cause.<BR>originally, the page was doing lots of stuff and most ironically it worked.

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