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    Will asp, sql, and nt handle the load of millions of users?<BR>When building a registration form should I use sessions or will this cause a problem once I get millions of CUNCURRENT users?

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    *<BR><BR><BR>Yes asp,sql and nt can handle<BR>millions of hits/day. But this is all relative. The servers<BR>must be able to handle the load (bot hardware and software).<BR>When planning a large scale website every transaction should<BR>be analyzed to determine Memorey/Disk/Bandwidth usage to <BR>determine what hardware you&#039ll need and when you anticipate<BR>growth. For instance, if you a user logs on and a session<BR>is created, this takes up a certain amount of available <BR>resources. You can use this to determine your current/future <BR>needs. A good example of using ASP,SQL and NT to run a large<BR>scale website is (you guessed it!) Microsoft.<BR><BR>look here for more info on how MS runs<BR><BR><BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Ian<BR>

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    here&#039s note from microsoft on why NOT to use<BR>Session variables:<BR><BR>"You can use the Session object to store information that you may need for a particular user-session. Variables that are stored in the Session object are not discarded when the user jumps between pages in the application; instead, these variables persist for the entire user-session. The Web server automatically creates a Session object when a Web page from the application is requested by a user who does not already have a session. The server destroys the Session object when the session expires or is abandoned. To avoid this, you can turn off the Session feature; however, the Session feature can&#039t be turned off on a per application basis in IIS 3.0. Turning it off for the entire server is faster but drops a lot of functionality. Instead, be very careful to use the Session object only when you really need to."<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>HTH,<BR>ian

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