Running ASP without PWS or IIS

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Thread: Running ASP without PWS or IIS

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    Dave Stuart Guest

    Default Running ASP without PWS or IIS

    How would I go about converting an ASP driven web site using Access as a back-end database to run from a CD as a demo version.

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    Default Errr

    Pretty vague, huh??<BR><BR>Code the Access forms the way you did your pages. You can&#039;t run ASP without PWS or IIS.

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    Default Makes NO sence...

    demo??<BR><BR>just give them the URL and it will be a demo. Thi is not like a VB application where you had to set up on the "clients" machine to give them a demo.

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    KPW Guest

    Default What about XBuilder?<BR><BR>The disadvantages are that you have to buy a component, and that when you convert your site it is no longer dynamic.

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