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    Default Accessing an NT server share

    I have an ASP page that lists files in a directory. I would like to change it to list files in a directory *not* located on the IIS 5.0 server itself. The new directory is shared out using an NT share (i.e. \servershare), but is not using any type of web share, as IIS is not on this server. Is there any way to point to this folder and list its contents?<BR><BR>FYI, I tried using Server.MapPath to map to this share, but I guess the location must physically reside on the server to use this command.<BR><BR>

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    Map the drive on your other server FORM the IIS server and then point it to that mapped drive<BR><BR>as in NOT //servername/.... BUT P:/folder....<BR><BR><BR>wher you have mapped the drive to P from your IIS server

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    Duncan Russell Guest

    Default Figured it out...keep it simple

    Ahh, should have kept it simple...<BR><BR>From a previous post, I realized that FSO.GetFolder can use a \servershare path. I did not need to map the path.<BR>

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