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    howardnl Guest

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    I have read several posts about this, but I am still a little unclear about exactly how to do it. I need to update the server&#039;s registry in an asp page. Here is the code that I thought would work:<BR><BR>dim wshell<BR>set wshell = server.createobject("wscript.shell")<BR>wshell.reg write "registry value", "some value"<BR>set wshell = nothing<BR><BR>Should that work? The posts I&#039;ve read have mentioned using a component, is that the only way to do it? I really appreciate any help.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Nick

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    RDM Guest

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    Here&#039;s a sample article from eggheadcafe.com<BR><BR>http://www.eggheadcafe.com/articles/20000805.htm

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    howardnl Guest

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    Thanks, I appreciate the help.

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