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    David Bana Guest

    Default Virus checking after ASP upload

    How would i go about doing this?

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    James W. Guest

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    There was a discussion about this awhile ago on the moderated advanced board. I think the possibilites covered:<BR>1. Setting up Virus Scan to check all new or changed files; downside is intense server use plus any alerts show on the server.<BR>2. After upload, restrict access to the file until a nightly virus scan runs. Again, alert would only show on the server & you&#039;d have to check.<BR>3. Code a custom dll or wsh that shells out & uses the Virus Scanning program installed, returning alerts possibly through the virus software log. Downside is licensing - few companies would allow you to bundle their product without explicit permission and compensation. Hey, you might get away with it for a while but if you did get busted, it would be very expen$ive.<BR>HTH

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    David Bana Guest

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    Ok, thanks.<BR><BR>Know of any easy Virus Scan software that would<BR>allow this?<BR><BR>would licensing be a problem if this was only on our<BR>web server, and not through a released product?

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    James W. Guest

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    I don&#039;t know of any specific product, sorry. You&#039;d really have to check the licensing agreement carefully. I don&#039;t think it&#039;s so much the scope (one server license) but the calling of the program from your own program. Heck, it might be totally legal but I&#039;ve run into problems bundling software into homemade dlls before. You might be able to get around the &#039;no bundling in a compiled program&#039; if you use a Window Scripting Host script, compared to a dll, since WSH are not compiled (until runtime).<BR>Good luck

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