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    When I try to insert data from a form into my SQL database, I keep receiving an error message. The message states, "ADODB.Recordset error &#039;800a0e78&#039;: Operation is not allowed when the object is closed." The line that is causing the problem is "ps.Open insert, conn" where ps is my recordset object, insert is my SQL insert statement, and conn is my connection object. What am I doing wrong? <BR>

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    *possibly* it is actually complaining that the connection is not opened????<BR><BR>Did you try the much simple way of simply doing<BR><BR>conn.Execute( insert )<BR><BR>???<BR><BR>You have ZERO need for a RecordSet when doing an INSERT (or UPDATE or DELETE). Hmmm...actually, maybe that is the problem? Ehhh...I don&#039;t think so. But try ADODB.Connection.Execute. It&#039;s the "right" way to do this, anyway.<BR><BR>

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