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    Again, in an effort to be consistant, I would like some advice about naming columns in a db (in this case Access). Say I have a db that contains two tables, one tblMembers and one tblConsultants. In each are the same fields such as "FirstName", LastName", "Company", etc. Is it necessary (or advisable) to use unique prefixes on the column names (such as "mbrFirstName", "conFirstName" or are they unique by virtue of the fact that they are in different tables? (i.e. tblMembers:FirstName, tblConsultants:FirstName). I am leaning toward putting a small "c" as a prefix for all columns anyway just to eliminate the possible keyword problems that may pop up. What do you think?<BR><BR>David

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    yes, they&#039;re unique by virtue of the fact they&#039;re in different tables - try to keep to a consistent naming scheme across the tables though.<BR><BR>j

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