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    mirian Guest

    Default error 0x80040E14

    happen the error:<BR><BR>"Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E14)"<BR><BR>can tell me why ?thanks anybody help me.<BR>

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    Default not enough info

    post the line that&#039;s causing it, and the *complete* error message<BR><BR>j

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    mirian Guest

    Default P.S error 0x80040E14

    thanks Atrax.just now i find a little clew .<BR><BR>i download a free sourcecode using Access,then i import the data to a new database using SQL Server(all that words i want to convert Access to SQL Server) .at last i find the key disappear in the new table using SQL Server,because the key in the table using Access is autocoding!the problem happen when the covert.<BR>certainly,the SQL :insert into tablename( key,XX...) Valuse(keyvalue,XX...)lack the key .<BR><BR>now i add the key to the table and resolve the problem<BR><BR>

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