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    Hi to everybody... I would like to know, from the backend process how to force the ASP page to refresh the result. Any good recommendation or solution for this....?

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    You need to explain in a little more detailt what you want

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    If, by backend process, you mean something on the *server* (and I think you do), then forget it. You can&#039;t.<BR><BR>(1) Once an ASP page is finished sending its output to the HTTP user (usually a browser, but...) that requested it, the page is history! The memory it used is returned back to the memory pool, to be used by the next page.<BR><BR>(2) HTTP protocol is *strictly* a synchronous one. That means, the HTTP requestor *ask* for data (by passing a URL) and the HTTP requestee (the Web server, assisted possibly by the ASP engine) responds. The requestor must *wait* for all the data, and the requestee must "handshake" with the requestor to ensure the data is sent. But once the data is sent, the connection is gone! History! So the server couldn&#039;t force a refresh, no matter what, because the browser is no longer listening for any data!<BR><BR>

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