I&#039;m trying to setup database editor for both MS access and MS SQL databases with using ASP program.<BR>everything is working in both versions, exept for the indexes manipulations, i can not figure out how to get list of all existing indexes in the database.<BR>Database Schema "indexes" are empty in most of the cases, is there any way to get this data with using ADODB object ??<BR>(I know how to CREATE or DROP indexes - i need to know how to list them all)<BR>and another problem is - is it possible to edit, modify views ( in SQL, Access) ??<BR>still, i can edit data in views by using fields.properties("Tablename") CatalogName and ColumnName <BR>but i can not figure out - is it possible to edit the view by itself.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Alex<BR><BR>