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    i have the following row in my table e --<BR><BR>eid edate <BR>-------------------------<BR>23 2001-04-01 21:45:00.000 <BR><BR>if i try <BR>select edate from e where edate=&#039;2001-04-01&#039;<BR><BR>it returns 0 rows..although the above row matches the criteria<BR><BR>I presume it&#039;s not returning it bcos the timepart is 21:45:00.000 and not 00:00:000<BR><BR>the question is how can i changes should i make to this query<BR>select edate from e where edate=&#039;2001-04-01&#039;<BR><BR>to return the above row...<BR><BR>help needed urgently...<BR><BR>wonder why these wierd things happen...and at the wrong time..<BR><BR>

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    For Access DB<BR><BR>select edate from e where DateValue(edate)=#2001-04-01#<BR><BR>For Sql Server<BR><BR>select edate from e where DateValue(edate)=&#039;2001-04-01&#039;<BR> <BR><BR>

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