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    Default Live chat

    How can you make a live chat - NOT meta refreshing! Any components?

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    Default Not with ASP...

    Search for the topic "chat" in the various forums here over the last week. We had a long discussion (I *think* in the ASP forum) on this topic.<BR><BR>At a minimum, you need to do it with a Java applet. The best way is to do it the way Instant Messenger and others do: With actual programs (processes) that run independently of the browser, since the browser doesn&#039;t *really* help you at all when doing live chat. (It can&#039;t--it doesn&#039;t even understand the sockets you will use, let alone the protocols involved.)<BR><BR>

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    Default See below...

    See the thread that starts with "Does ASP supoport PUSH technology?"<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Live chat

    You have to use java applet and servlet to do that. You could also use flash with LoadVariables Action with "GET" method. You could learn more about flash at:

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