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    Hello, when I loop through a column to get records, I get a TON of space after the last record. That&#039;s because one column I am searching (Advertising) is 12 records. The other next to it is like 40. So, I get 12 records displayed, and like 28 blank rows created from my table script that displays the records.<BR><BR>SO, what syntax would I use instead of<BR><BR>Do Until RecordSet.EOF ?<BR><BR>if I want the search to END after the 12th record, BEFORE The blank, NOT the last row of the actual table? Which would be 100th row due to another column with 100, for example. <BR><BR>Thanks. Unless Recordset.Eof IS doing that, and maybe my table is looping rows for blank spaces, but I can&#039;t imagine that being why.

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    perhaps criteria into the sql:<BR><BR>strSQL = "select * from mytable where dept = &#039;Advertising&#039;"

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