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    COuld someone tell me how to fix this?<BR>Response.Redirect ("updateprice.asp?name="RSproduct("name") & "&id=" & RSproduct("id") & "&price=" & RSproduct("price") & "&brand=" & RSproduct("brand") & "&product=" & RSproduct("product"))<BR><BR>What am i doing wrong<BR>

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    Default You are missing an ampersand...

    Look at the very first thing you do! "updateprice.asp?name="RSproduct("name") ...<BR><BR>Ummm...where, pray tell, is the ampersand between the literal string and the function call???<BR><BR>You have every other ampersand in place, so far as I can see, and missed the most obvious one!<BR><BR>Yes, you are allowed to go have a slightly strong liquid refreshment and then kick your computer keyboard.<BR><BR>

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