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    neo Guest

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    Hi,<BR> I am reading from an xml file and writing the contents to a database. I use the XMLDOM object. Here is my code.<BR>Set xml = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")<BR>xml.asy nc = False<BR>xml.load (Server.MapPath("comments.xml"))<BR>dim i<BR>i = 0<BR>do while i&#060; xml.length &#039;not sure what to do here<BR>username = (xml.getElementsByTagName("username").item(i).text )<BR>email = (xml.getElementsByTagName("email").item(i).text)<B R>comment = (xml.getElementsByTagName("body").item(i).text)<BR >sql1="INSERT INTO comments Values (&#039;"& username &"&#039;,&#039;"& email &"&#039;,&#039;"& comment &"&#039;)"<BR>oConn.Execute(sql1)<BR>i=i+1<BR>l oop

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    bob hoskins Guest

    Default soz bout this but aint this like vb

    it looks alot like vb cool i may learn it

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