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    Hi,<BR><BR>Ok, so I have cdonts working fine with html formated message ect... but when Eudora 3 gets it it cuts the html off at the "&" symbol between the step and stepmuber of the querystring below...<BR><BR>&#060;a href=""" & strWebAddress & "?cmd=step&stepnumber=" & intStepNumber& """&#062;Vist this site&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>Of course it works fine as a link in Outlook which is making it pure html...but Eurdora three will not show the html...but with other emails I do get the whole code in eudora from which a user can extract what they need, though it is ugly. With my code, it gets all goofed up but looks "ok" when I take out the "&" symbol...I tried all settings with eudora for mime, base 64, uue...but no good, still cuts it off.<BR><BR>Just wondering if anyone has run into this...html in outlook is fine but I would like plain text email readers to get the whole url...<BR><BR>Thanks...

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    Eudora is being too smart for its own good.<BR><BR>I think that what happens is that it doesn&#039;t recognize that what you have there is a URL, so it tries to treat it as ordinary HTML. <BR><BR>And then it sees the & character and thinks that it&#039;s the start of one of the predefined names (e.g., &amp;nbsp; and &amp;quot) so it "swallows" up &amp;stepnumber.... looking for the trailing semicolon and never finds it, of course.<BR><BR>There may not be any solution. The obvious way to test my hypothesis is to change to this:<BR><BR>&#060;a href=""" & strWebAddress & "?cmd=step&amp;amp;stepnumber=" & intStepNumber& """&#062;Vist this site&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>but then that presumably wouldn&#039;t be usable to pass the stepnumber in Outlook. But you might want to test my hypothesis, just to see. If I&#039;m right, I think you&#039;re hosed.<BR><BR>[Well, not really: You could use some other character there and then "parse" the query string yourself, instead of using Request.QueryString...what a pain!]<BR><BR><BR>

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    Bill,<BR><BR>Well, I tried it...but the result is the same so I don&#039;t think it is looking for the ending semi colon...just old version of eudora. They have to upgrade...<BR><BR>Thanks for the try!!

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