Access VB module problem!!! (Again!)

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Thread: Access VB module problem!!! (Again!)

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    Default Access VB module problem!!! (Again!)

    I&#039;ve put together a VB module in Access 2000 and want to run it from an ASP page. I dont think I can call the module directly from the ASP so I think I have to transfer the VB dirctly to teh script. However I get lost at this point! The VB module is shown below:<BR>Function Update()<BR>On Error GoTo Update_Err<BR><BR> DoCmd.SetWarnings False<BR> DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, 8, "dummy", "D:workimport1.xls", True, ""<BR> DoCmd.OpenTable "dummy", acNormal, acEdit<BR> DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSelectAllRecords<BR> DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdCut<BR> DoCmd.Close acTable, "dummy"<BR> DoCmd.OpenTable "main", acNormal, acEdit<BR> DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdPasteAppend<BR> DoCmd.Close acTable, "main"<BR> DoCmd.OpenQuery "maintest", acNormal, acEdit<BR><BR><BR>Update_Exit:<BR> Exit Function<BR><BR>Update_Err:<BR> MsgBox Error$<BR> Resume Update_Exit<BR><BR>End Function<BR><BR>If anyone knows how to make this into an ASP I&#039;d greatly appreciate it. :)

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    Default If you ever find out...

    ...please let me know!<BR><BR>This is the one and only *hard* question I ever asked in this forum, way back last July, and I have yet to get any answer.<BR><BR>Well...I got one answer: "Why can&#039;t you do it in ASP in VBScript code?" Duh. No comment.<BR><BR>Anyway, if you *do* find a good way, *PLEASE* email me: and/or<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>

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