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    We are planning to use Oracle & ASP for our new project.<BR>Can any suggest what are the pro&#039;s and con&#039;s in using<BR>this combination. <BR>All this while we have been using MS SQL Server and MS Access.<BR><BR>Any suggestions are also welcome. <BR>

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    I&#039;ve used Oracle,SQL 6.5 & 7.0 and Access. I&#039;ve personally found the best product from a developer&#039;s standpoint to be SQL.<BR>Oracle doesn&#039;t have many of the built in functions that make SQL programming so easy & flexible. Oracle does not have an Identity Datatype - it has sequences, which you need to query for the next value, adding a trip to the db just to get the next number. I&#039;ve also found no Oracle-specific SQL sites or guides. is terrible for support; try finding the differences between joins in SQL server & Oracle. The client/enterprise interface is inferior to SQL Server.<BR>I suggest you try a small project or even just a sample project.

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