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    After closing a connection objCon, objCon is set to nothing:<BR><BR>set objCon = nothing<BR><BR>In my script library, i have a sub called "OpenObjCon". It needs to be able to confirm that objCon isn&#039;t alread open before openning it. But I can&#039;t figure out how to tell if objCon = nothing.<BR><BR>After setting objCon = nothing, I get<BR><BR>isObject(objCon) = TRUE<BR>isNull(objCon) = FALSE<BR>isEmpty(objCon) = FALSE<BR><BR>Even worse, testing:<BR><BR> if (objCon = nothing) then... <BR><BR>gives the error "Object variable not set"<BR><BR>So, what&#039;s a guy to do? How do I make sure that there isn&#039;t an existing objCon before creating a new one.<BR>

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    Check out typeof()

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