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    Hello, <BR><BR>Can anyone tell me if there is a way in ASP to Dynamically (not randomly) change the content on a given page every day/week? <BR><BR>I would like to have certain content changed automatically from a text/HTML file w/o having to manually change it.<BR><BR>Please let me know,<BR>Thanks,<BR>Dayv

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    The people who put messages on this board that say <BR>"CROSSPOST" add more clutter to the board than people who do crosspost. And furthermore who are you to say it is not an advanced topic? Its not advanced because you have done it before? <BR><BR>This board has really gone downhill in recent months and I blame the supposed "Forum Police" more than the "CrossPosters". Its uncomfortable. <BR>

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    What can I say? I&#039;m the one who added the "Why is crossposting bad?" FAQ in the ASPFAQs, so you won&#039;t get me to agree with you.<BR><BR>I do think that sometimes we tend to go overboard in spanking people&#039;s hands, but sometimes the posters go way overboard, too!<BR><BR>As for the "was this advanced?" part of your comment....<BR><BR>Hmmm...<BR><BR>Well, I *did* answer this one in the ASP forum, and I thought it was a little "newbie-ish" even there. The question is/was pretty vague, to start with: WHAT does he/she want to change on a daily/weekly basis? And anybody who has coded his/her first DB-based web page should realize that you could pull a record from a DB based on the date (oh, okay, maybe the second or third web page you realize that).<BR><BR>So, no, I don&#039;t think it is advanced, at all.<BR><BR>Nevertheless, *I* would have answered it (if I hadn&#039;t already) even in this forum. Though I might have gently (or maybe not as gently as I should? yes, I&#039;ve been too acerbic in the past, but I&#039;m trying) suggested that it didn&#039;t belong in this forum.<BR><BR>Anyway, *because* it was a crosspost, I think the poster deserved the "not advanced" (well, "not advnced" [anal retentive about spelling, even, aren&#039;t I?]) comment. So I&#039;m with the forum police on this one.<BR><BR>As for why and whether this forum has gone downhill: I disagree strongly! We continue to have some MARVELOUS answers here! Ones I haven&#039;t seen on any other site. Sure, there&#039;s a lot of repetition...and *that&#039;s* the part that is the downer for me...but that seems to be characteristic of *every* continuing forum. Heck, I belong to a Reed Organ mailing list, and we just got a post the other day asking what "pitch" is! (Somebody who plays music and doesn&#039;t know what pitch is???? Wow! And we thought we got non-advanced questions in *this* forum!) But he was a newbie, and he was answered. And that will have to continue, for so long as new people are attracted to a topic. *BUT* we don&#039;t have to tolerate newbie questions in forums *supposedly* reserved for advanced topics. And we certainly don&#039;t have to tolerate the bad netiquette of cross-posting.<BR><BR>Final comment: If you can find a better ASP forum, go for it! I stuck with the MS forums for a long time and finally gave up on them. They get 10 times the silly and repetitive questions that these forums do, simply because they don&#039;t have such a nicely organized "support" mechanism (e.g., ASPFAQS.com) as this one does.<BR><BR>[But I sure wish Scott would hurry up and dump this horrible forum software! It might work fine for small forums, but not for ones as busy as these are!]<BR><BR>Bill Wilkinson<BR><BR>

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