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    pn Guest

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    Hi,<BR> Is there any way where i can insert in the middle of a textfile using the FileSystemObject.<BR><BR>

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    Default NO

    you have to read the entire file and the insert into the variable and write out to the file all over again

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    pn Guest

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    Thanks..i know it is possible for me to append to the file..but I need to overwrite the last line. Is there any chance of doing that without making a new file?<BR><BR>bye,<BR>pn

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    Default Still NO.

    The *ONLY* thing you can do to TEXT FILES (on most any file system, not just ASP/Win32/FSO) is overwrite them completely or append to the end of them.<BR><BR>Yes, I know there are other tricks, if you are intimately familiar with the structure of the file(s), but they don&#039;t apply in general and certainly not with the simplistic capabilities of FSO.<BR><BR>

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    pn Guest

    Default RE: Still NO.


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