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    I want to obtain informations about files that are on another server. I would like to know the size in bytes and in pixel of an image on a server (not mine)<BR>Thanks.

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    Default They are *not* files...

    ...if they are on another server.<BR><BR>They are URLs. And that means you have to *read* them as URLs.<BR><BR>You can look into ASPTear (lots of info on the 4GuysFromRolla site), but I do not know if it will do the job for you.<BR><BR>The alternative is to download the files (*if* that&#039;s possible! more and more sites are preventing that nowadays) to your own server and *then* treat them as files.<BR><BR>Ummm...sorry...should also mention FTP. If the files on the other server are available via FTP, then that&#039;s another option.<BR><BR>

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