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    I am using a mail object to deliver emails to SMTP server, I can guarantee this email flow from a customer&#039;s form to the SMTP server, but how do I guarantee the email delivery from SMTP server to the specific mailbox as this goes out to internet and mails can get there a way to keep track if the mail has been delivered/undelivered so that I can try to redeliver again?? Is there any third-party mail objects that can assure this delivery or is there some kind of "receipt";s very important that I don&#039;t lose mails...and I have to deal this with server side and cannot ask clients to do this, clients are shielded..<BR>...a bunch of thanks in advance

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    Default How do you do it manually?

    Answer: You wait for a message to come back from the addressee&#039;s mail server that says "addressee unknown" or some other failure.<BR><BR>Or you insist on a receipt and, if you haven&#039;t gotten one with 24 hours, you send the message again. (And then you run into people like me who refuse to send receipts back when the email is unsolicited.)<BR><BR>So...<BR><BR>How do you think you have to do it programatically? Hmmm???<BR><BR>Do *you* know of any other ways?<BR><BR>EMail is *not* a "connection protocol". It&#039;s a "store and forward" protocol, and by definition that means you do *not* know if it has been delivered until/unless the other end deigns to tell you it has or has not been. And many "other ends" don&#039;t bother to tell you anything.<BR><BR>

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