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    Dear Tech Support:<BR> <BR>I produce a Directory List of all the Canadian Computer Companies.<BR> <BR>I used to use an old DOS program called BitFax which allowed me to insert as many variables as I wanted so that<BR>I could broadcast fax each company a copy of their own listing by inserting their name, address, tel and all kinds of other<BR>information on their listing into a fax to them. I had to do this using some DOS programs.<BR>This allowed the companies to see and verify the information on their own company before I printed the directory.<BR> <BR>I have since written my own ASP program and I have found a Com object that allows me to send them emails.<BR> <BR>Here&#039;s what my ASP program does:<BR> <BR>It goes through my database sequentially and generates an email to each company (who have email) and then<BR>assembles all their listing information into an email to them. It is great because if the email fails to go through,<BR>I update my database for their listing so I know which ones have good or bad emails.<BR> <BR>Eventually, each company will be able to come to my web site and update their own listing to make any changes.<BR> <BR>Here&#039;s my question to you:<BR> <BR>Not all companies have emails. I need to do the same with the ones that only have fax numbers.<BR> <BR>What I want my ASP program to do is to sweep through the database and email anyone with an email and ALSO,<BR>fax anyone who have a fax but no email. This allows me to cover all companies (any companies without both<BR>emails and faxes would be called personally).<BR> <BR>What I need is a FAX COM Object that I can call from my ASP program and insert the variable data just like the<BR>email com object does. I would have a fax modem connected to my computer obviously so that this com object<BR>could dial out. <BR> <BR>Can you tell me how I could do this, what objects or software I could purchase or interface to to get my program to do this ?? <BR> <BR>Thanks very much,<BR> <BR>Norm <BR><BR>info@tergar.com<BR> <BR>

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    Mike H. Guest

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    Hi Norm,<BR>You can try this site. Their demo page doesn&#039;t work, so don&#039;t bother with it, but the description of the product looks decent and worth checking out. We had talked about doing something similar, but then decided not to, so I never followed up to find out more than what is on their web page.<BR><BR>http://www.protonet.com/efax/index.htm<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Mike

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    Tabassum Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR>i want to send fax to Fax machine from my ASP application. i hv also downloaded the component from http://www.protonet.com site, but they require that protofax server should be intsalldd on the network.<BR><BR>if u know about other fax components, plz let me know<BR><BR>Thanks and Best Regards,<BR>Tabassum Khan

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    jyts Guest

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    There is a program called ProtoFax .<BR>You can set it up to check a directory for files which it will fax when found.<BR>These files can be in html format and the program faxes them exactly as they should look.<BR>So all you have to do is dynamically write a html file into the scanned directory.<BR><BR>hope this helps<BR>

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