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    Nils Guest

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    I have a query on an Oracle table that gives me the results I want:<BR>strSQL = "Select jps_job.JOB_NUM, jps_job.INITIALS, jps_job.IDATE, jps_job.TITLE_NUM, jps_job_dates.LABLRECSDL, jps_title.LP_TECH_NAME "<BR> strSQL = strSQL & "from jps_job, jps_job_dates, jps_title "<BR> strSQL = strSQL & "where (jps_title.TITLE_NUM = jps_job.TITLE_NUM) and "<BR> strSQL = strSQL & "(jps_job.JOB_NUM = jps_job_dates.JOB_NUM) and "<BR> strSQL = strSQL & "(jps_job.JSTATUS &#060;&#062; &#039;50&#039;) and "<BR> strSQL = strSQL & "(jps_title.LP_TECH_NAME is not null) and "<BR> strSQL = strSQL & "(jps_job_dates.LABLRECSDL between to_date(&#039;"& varDate1 & "&#039;,&#039;mm/dd/yy&#039;) and to_date(&#039;" & varDate2 & "&#039;, &#039;mm/dd/yy&#039;)) "<BR> strSQL = strSQL & "order by jps_title.LP_TECH_NAME;"<BR><BR>In addition to the data this returns, I would also like to look at 2 other date fields (jps_job_dates.BINDSCHDL and jps_job_dates.BINDPLAN) and select the greater of the two. How do I do this?

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    Tim Snyder Guest

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    SQL is not good at this....<BR>I suggest you get both dates and do a compare with the result displaying the one you want

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    You could put this in your select list<BR><BR>decode(sign(jps_job_dates.BINDSCHDL-jps_job_dates.BINDPLAN),<BR> -1,jps_job_dates.BINDPLAN,jps_job_dates.BINDSCHDL) as bigdate

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    Nils Guest

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    That works! Thank you.

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