Can't Install IIS 5.0 on Win 2K Pro

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Thread: Can't Install IIS 5.0 on Win 2K Pro

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    Linda Guest

    Default Can't Install IIS 5.0 on Win 2K Pro

    I&#039;m going through all the motions to install IIS 5.0 on my stand-alone PC which runs Win 2K Pro. In Control Panel I click Add/Remove Software. Next I click Add/Remove Windows Components. Then I check Internet Information Server and click the Next button.<BR><BR>This is where I&#039;m hitting the wall. I&#039;m using MSDN Universal and am prompted for the Service Pack CD. The install is apparently looking for FPSRVADM.EXE in i386 directory. I have those directories on the Win2K and Service Pack disks, but there is no FPSRVADM.EXE. The FPSRVADM.EXE is on the Office CD and I do have FrontPage Server Extensions already loaded. Any thoughts on what is wrong?<BR><BR>Linda<BR>

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    Linda Guest

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    FWIW, I got IIS 5.0 on my stand-alone Win 2K Pro PC and I think I&#039;ll share since this was soooooo intuitive!&#060;G&#062;<BR><BR>I installed IIS 5.0 using MSDN. My subscription is a new subscription and the Win2K disk is disk 0013 (don&#039;t know if that matters, but we did discover on another BB that there is a different disk number on older MSDN subscriptions and that the retail and MSDN versions of Win2K differ!).<BR><BR>I hit the wall twice during the install because the install couldn&#039;t find FPSRVADM.EXE and SMTP_ADSIISEX.DLL. Those files are in FP40EXT.CAB and IMS.CAB, respectively. I had to uncompress those CAB files on my local drive and point the installation to those uncompressed files, then point the installation back to the installation CD when done.<BR><BR>The install files were all located on Disk 0013, Windows 2000 Versions, under the EnglishWin2000Proi386 directory. They are not on the Service Pack CD, which is the CD for which the system prompts when installing IIS 5.0.<BR><BR>Just thought I would pass this along to everyone in case someone else has the same situation.<BR><BR>Linda <BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Can't Install IIS 5.0 on Win 2K Pro

    Thanks for sharing that! I&#039;ll be doing the same thing this month, so was waiting to see what the resolution on this was.<BR>Linux is starting to sound better by the minute, isn&#039;t it?

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