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    Default Had to post again......sorry..not

    I have a database that uses a row for each item, each item has 6 prices, (different stores). <BR>the column names in my database look like the following: <BR>id <BR>name <BR>brand <BR>product <BR>price <BR>store <BR>price1 <BR>store1 <BR>price2 <BR>store2.....and so on <BR><BR><BR>It goes in order of price. <BR><BR>My problem is the time it takes to manually sort that prices when a new price is added. Does anyone know of a way to sort the prices when the web page loads (using ASP), also the store will have to move with the prices. <BR><BR>I would love any ideas or help on this. <BR><BR>-Dizzy

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    <eop> Guest

    Default Redesign your database, it is not normalized


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    Default How?

    everyone says to redesign my database, so tell me how?...please<BR><BR>all the prices are for the same Item so shouldn&#039;t they be in the same row?

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    Mark Smith Guest

    Default RE: How?

    if u want u can send an email to mark_d_smith_uk@yahoo.com and attach your database and I&#039;ll have a look at it for you.

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    Default To normalize...

    Instead of this,<BR>id <BR>name <BR>brand <BR>product <BR>price <BR>store <BR>price1 <BR>store1 <BR>price2 <BR>store2.....and so on <BR><BR><BR>Try something more like this<BR><BR><BR>Table I<BR>id -Autonumber<BR>name <BR>brand <BR><BR>Table II<BR><BR>id -Autonumber<BR>brand -From Table I<BR>product<BR><BR>Table III<BR><BR>id -Autonumber<BR>product -From Table II<BR>store<BR>price<BR><BR><BR>HTH

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