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    I did declared the session:<BR>Session("someName") = someValue <BR>Called it on another page in the following manner:<BR>someVariable = Session("someName") <BR>Now my problem inserting the "someVariable" into the database.<BR>

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    Try this!<BR><BR>Rs.Fields("fldName")=someVariable<BR> Rs.Update

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    Rs.Fields("fldName")=someVariable <BR>Rs.Update <BR>The code yields me an error of "Object required". I also like to know the code would work with my standard insert code:<BR>&#039;open database<BR>&#039;Declare data items to be inserted<BR> sqlquery =" INSERT INTO Tablename (Variable1,variable2) Values("<BR> sqlquery= sqlquery &"&#039;"& somevariable &"&#039;"<BR> etc.<BR>

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