How to stop Microsoft Debugger ?

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Thread: How to stop Microsoft Debugger ?

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    Hi , I am running Win200 Server on my machone and set up IIS5 as my webserver.<BR><BR>I used it for trying out my ASP scripts that i write.<BR>Everytime i make a mistake in my code , the Microsoft Debugger pops out.<BR><BR>How do i stop it from doing that ? I prefer the error be just show as an error with a line number in my browser as in IIS4 ?<BR><BR>It is okay if i am present at my machine but when i am programming remotely (and ftp the script back to my PC) , errors will cause the Microsoft debugger to pop out and pause everything , effectively stopping me from running any mroe ASP scripts.<BR><BR>Any ideas how to stop this ?<BR><BR>

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    On the Tools menus, go to Internet Options, then click on the advanced tab, and check "Disable Script Debugging"<BR><BR>HTH

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