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    hello there, <BR> i have this strange problem.anybody to help me please. <BR>there is a prog.that has two links on the first pg.the first link takes me to a login pg.whereupon if i enter wrong username & passwd,it checks on the next pg & redirects me to the login pg.if the login is takes me to a form,where i enter some data thats to be this prog works fine with a pws on win 98 .but the same code happens to errors on win NT & win either happens to gve a HTTP error or then shows me the entire code.this is something i never came across.i would appreciate any help. <BR><BR>regards, <BR>jinni

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    Default why re-post?

    see my response below.<BR><BR>j

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    use session variables to hold passwords.<BR><BR>session("password")=password<BR> session("login")=login<BR><BR>check this sessionvariables on every protected page, if they are empty redirect to login page.

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