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    OK this might take a bit of explaining on my part but here goes...<BR><BR>First of all a user uses a form on securitylogin.asp to enter their user name and password. This data is then passed to securityloginrespond.asp for validation and then to show various details about the user. (Forenameand Surname). If the login was successful then session("loggedin") is set to "OK" and they have access to other pages that show other details about them (personal.asp), notes about them (again on personal.asp), details about vehicles they own (vehicle.asp), and details of their vehicles history(history.asp).<BR><BR>Anyone lost yet?....cos it get worse!<BR><BR>Each page has a table and in the second column of the table there are the details specific to that user. This is done by session variable (i.e session("VEH_REGNO") for the registration number etc..).<BR><BR>These are accesed from 4 tables in Access (Details, Notes, Vehicle and History). The relationships are set as:<BR><BR>Details Table contains USER (as primary key) which is linked to USER in Notes table and also to USER in Vehicle table. Then, vehicle contains REGNO (as primary key) which is linked to REGNO in history table.<BR><BR>Now the problem that I have is when a user has more than 1 vehicle. session("VEH_REGNO") is simply set at the first registration number it comes accross and the same for all the other variables that hold the details about the vehicle. I need to show (in the table the details of the vehicles no matter whether the user has 1,2,3...or even 0 vehicles.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas?<BR>Please help!!! <BR><BR>I will post the code for securityloginrespond.asp if any asks or if it will be needed.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Mark Smith

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    Why canat you save ALL the reg no in the session variable save them in a , delimited there a problem if you do that??

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    Sorry think I should have posted in ASP Q & A not advanced. Don&#039;t know how to do delimited strings yet...will post in other Q & A.<BR><BR>Sorry!

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