Hello, I am using an ASP page to get users response from the form controls. From the data I collect from the user I then build a XML object on the server side using XMLDocument. I then want to send this xml document to another ASP page which instantiates a class object for parsing the xml document and returning a xml document with the data the user requested. I am having problems with passing the xml document from one ASP to another ASP. I was successful in doing this using XMLHTTPRequest from the client side. My boss thinks this is unacceptable because our users also use Netscape. Please help. I have attached some of the code below. Thank you in advance.<BR><BR>ASP Page that generates the xml from User info:<BR>Set xmlDoc = CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument")<BR>Set oPi = xmlDoc.createProcessingInstruction("xml", "version=&#039;1.0&#039;")<BR>xmlDoc.appendChild(o pi)<BR>set root = xmlDoc.createNode("element","EXPORT","")<BR>xmlDoc .documentElement = root<BR><BR>&#039;set child node for Authentication and username, password <BR>set AuthNode = xmlDoc.createNode("element","AUTHENTICATION","")<B R>xmlDoc.documentElement.appendChild(AuthNode)<BR> set AuthChild = xmlDoc.createNode("element", "AUTHREQ","")<BR>AuthChild.setAttribute "company", vPartnerName<BR>AuthChild.setAttribute "username", vUserName<BR>AuthChild.setATTribute "password", vPassword<BR>AuthNode.appendChild(AuthChild)<BR><B R>&#039;set child node for Version<BR>set VersionNode = xmlDoc.createNode("element", "VERSION", "")<BR>xmlDoc.documentElement.appendChild(VersionN ode)<BR>VersionNode.setAttribute "dtdVersion", vdtdVersion<BR>VersionNode.setAttribute "ClientVersion", vClientVersion<BR>VersionNode.setAttribute "ExportEngineVersion", vExportEngineVersion<BR>etc.........<BR><BR>ASP page that instantiate the class object:<BR>set oExport = Server.CreateObject("myExport.clsExport")<BR>&#039 ;oExport.CreateLog=true<BR>oExport.ProcessXML<BR>s et oExport = nothing<BR><BR>