Setting a hidden var in VBScript

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Thread: Setting a hidden var in VBScript

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    Scott M. Guest

    Default Setting a hidden var in VBScript

    I am trying to set the value of a hidden variable using client side VBScript. I know in javascript it is a simple FrmName.varName.value = "value". Is there an easy way to set an hidden var in VBScript?

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    Mario B. Guest

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    Just do the same thing in VBScript<BR><BR>FrmName.varName.value = "your vbscript variable"<BR>ex.<BR>frmname.varname.value = strValue

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    Scott M. Guest

    Default RE: Wow. That was easy. Now....

    Do you know of a way to submit in VBScript as is possible with the jScript function submit()? Thanks for your help!

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    Scott M. Guest

    Default I answered my own question....

    I guess there is a submit function in VBScript as it seems to be working for me. I didn&#039;t find anything related to that in the MSDN library though.

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