Sir/Madam,<BR><BR>i have done a Project in ASP. In that i have used a Inet Controls.<BR>If that has to work i have to Install the VisualStudio 6.0 in the Server,but Installing a devlopment software in Production server is not neccesary...and<BR>the clients will not allow<BR><BR>Is there any other way(dll or ActiveX Components) to register in the Server so that i can aviod the installation of Visual studio 6.0.......??<BR><BR>will it affect any other component r any other problem...?<BR><BR>If i am not using the Visual Studio 6.0 in the Server will it create any other problem like VBScript Runtime Error r Intrepreter Error......?<BR><BR>Can you please send me all neccessary details abt this....<BR><BR>with Regards<BR>Anandraj.A.<BR><BR><BR><BR>