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    Steve Adamo Guest

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    Does any one know of a good method to filter language for a message board, etc.? <BR><BR>I have a generic filter of my own, but its the basic: <BR><BR>&#039; inPost = replace(inPost,"word","w**d") <BR><BR>This can get tedious when going through all the permutations of a bad word,.. :) <BR><BR>I tried the language filter function from 4Guys, but that was a bit limiting as well (you still have to populate an array with all the different words),... <BR><BR>I stumbled across the generic VBScript Filter function and thought i could meld that with Replace to find a word LIKE the bad word and have it replaced,... but the 2 functions didnt want to play together,... <BR><BR>Anyone know of something i can try? <BR><BR>Thanks for any help! <BR><BR>Steve

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    Default Been asked before... my answer is usually the same: Why bother?<BR><BR>For every "naughty" word you think of ahead of time, somebody will come up with some way to circumvent it. "H-E-Double-L" is the classic example. Try finding a program smart enough eliminate that one? Or "H-E-Double hockey sticks". <BR><BR>In any case, VBScript is *not* that language to be coding something like this in. Ideally, you&#039;d like a string-processing language, but SNOBOL is kind of out of fashion nowadays. C++ might be a usable choice. It&#039;s string functions are no better than those of VBS, but it&#039;s easy enough to write your own and they would have the advantage of running maybe 1000 times faster than VBS counterparts.<BR><BR>But my opinion remains what it has always been: If you are really worried about this kind of stuff, use a moderated list or posting system instead of an open one. Humans make the best filters, by far. And they don&#039;t get misled about discussions of hockey sticks.<BR><BR>

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    Moderation in all things<BR>Echo of Bill "don&#039;t bother"

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