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    Ok......I know to get the server name in a script, I&#039;d use Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME"). What I&#039;m wondering is how to do something similar in global.asa. I&#039;d like to assign a value to an application object (namely, the url of the SQL server I&#039;m using.......which is different when the site is on my staging server than when it&#039;s on my live server).<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    just do an if... else statement which checks which server you&#039;re on.<BR><BR>personally I don&#039;t like to do this, since any extra processing which isn&#039;t necessary gives me shivers. I keep two copies of global.asa on my development box global.asa and global-live.asa I just change the names when I deploy.<BR><BR>j

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