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    Hi to all,<BR><BR>I m looking out for someone who canhelp me in th logic for making the database for the messageboard exactly like this one.<BR><BR>Thank you in advance.<BR>

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    tabs Guest

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    Hi Taqs,<BR><BR>frankly speaking,<BR>the display or visual effect of this site is not all that impressive and 100 and 10 things are blinking and making ur eyesight weaker and weaker. <BR>Anyway idea and stuff for helping is very good and i appreciate that.<BR><BR>if ur looking for help for the login u can chat with me on icq<BR>my id on icq : tabs (from Silicon Valley) is my email. bye.

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    I am about to start programming a message board as well and could use a little push in the right direction. Any help would be great on it. I want to have multiple message boards like this one and I do like the look of this as well. I guess I am just not sure how to set up the database for the boards. What a good flow for it would be as far as what fields and how to link the tabes and such.<BR><BR>TIA

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