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    Default I have loads of problems

    first off i need to doa response.redirect but i want this to occur after a 5 second time limit as the page is redirecting and reloading before the sql statement before has managed to finish it only shows the pages when you refresh again so if i can put a 5 second wait in that`ll help.<BR><BR><BR>2nd problem is not nessaraly an ASP problem. but someone should be able to help me. once an hour i heed t oretrieve a DB rume from a remote machine to http://whatever.com/dbdump.dump.tar.gz<BR><BR>at abot 5 past the hour every hour i need that to be downloaded onto my web server into a directory url/dbdump/<BR>I then need to unzip it and un tar it <BR>ive been trying to do this for about 3 weeks now and cant work it out if anyone can give me nice simple instructions on how to do it i`d appreciate it<BR><BR>either post back here or you can email me hinch@furious-angels.net<BR>

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    first thing<BR><BR>look into javascripts setTimeout function<BR>better to have the client do it than the server.<BR><BR>2. faqs, articles on 4guysfromrolla.com<BR>3. same as above.

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