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    Does anyone know a site that has an exhaustive list of HTTP_USER_AGENT values for every browser by platform...<BR><BR>I&#039;d like a function that can return the value of every browser type so that I can implement selective funcionality accordingly. For example, I don&#039;t want to implement any DHTML on Unix platform browsers or pre version 4 browsers because I don&#039;t have the testing facilities. I&#039;d also like to know exactly what people are using so that I can log errors (I&#039;m using an error logging system in my ASP pages) as accurately as possible.<BR><BR>You might be wondering why I can&#039;t look at the value of HTTP_USER_AGENT for every browser on the platforms on which we test (MAC/PC). I&#039;ve got a pretty good list, but there are big differences in the value of HTTP_USER_AGENT between versions for some browsers. For example the build of Netscape 4.08 I have (for NT) identifies itself with a "Nav" in the string and "Mozilla/4.08". Netscape 4.5 (in my build) though identifies itself as "snapN45b1" and "Mozilla/4.5". Netscape 4.7 has no indication of it being Netscape and just returns "Mozilla/4.7". In other words I can&#039;t possible download every minor build of every browser and get the agent value.<BR><BR>That&#039;s why I need a list!<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Daniel

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    Default browscap.ini <nm>


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