How to run ASPX file (windows 95/pws/.net)????

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Thread: How to run ASPX file (windows 95/pws/.net)????

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    Default How to run ASPX file (windows 95/pws/.net)????

    I have installed .net/pws/win 95. When i run the aspx file, it shows the save dialog box, can anyone tell me how to configure and solve this problem. Because it should be possible from win 95 also. In .net framwork they said , it will run on win 95 also, iis can&#039;t be installed on win 95, v need win nt or win 2000, so it should be possible with pws also. But when i run it gives this dialog box to open or save that .aspx file. Can anyone help me out, it is appreciated. <BR><BR>thanx in advance

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    Default Just won't work on PWS

    You can run the .NET Framework on Win 9x, but you can&#039;t run ASP.NET because you need IIS as the Web server.<BR><BR>Sorry.<BR><BR>If I remember correctly, MS is planning on making a scaled down version that will work on Win9x, but right now you need IIS, meaning you need Windows NT Server or Windows 2000.

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