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    Heaven's Martini Guest

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    Well,<BR><BR>I am thinking about using a request.servervariables call<BR>on each page of my application (800+ pages)<BR><BR>Question: I have read that the servervariables is a performance dog. Can anyone confirm what kind of damage is done by using it, especially if called that many times.<BR><BR>Appreciate the insight.

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    should be OK. it&#039;s no more work for the engine than using Request.Querystring, put it that way. Who told you it was a performance dog?<BR><BR>j

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    Sudeep Guest

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    What do you mean by server variables?Do you mean variables in the server(like session and application),or do you mean the servervariables collection of the request object? If you are talking about variables in the server( like application and session) then their use is best minimized, and if you are talking about the server variables collection then i don&#039;t think its a performance issue.

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

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    Hmm<BR><BR>I can&#039;t remember where i read that, I just had the impression and I couldn&#039;t have made that up on my own. It doesn&#039;t seem to be slow, but I am testing it with loads of bandwidth.<BR><BR>I was just looking for some reassurance. Danke for that.<BR><BR>Well, the security works well, at least so far. <BR>( I call the url from servervariables)<BR>then call an sp that hunts down a rights code that is given by the admin as to the users rights, because the pagenames are assigned to categories, and the categories have right codes,<BR>and the administrator can assing rights codes to the users by category.<BR><BR>it works nice.<BR><BR>and its reusable.<BR><BR>good day mate .<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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