I am using Microsofts&#039;s XMLHTTP Object as described in the article here:<BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/110100-1.2.shtml<BR><BR>I am having to get information from a secured site onto our server and wanted to use the object via a gateway page. My user has to enter a search term on a form, I wanted to POST that to the gateway page which would then use that variable in the string used to xml.send to the other site and get and print out the contents.<BR><BR>I know that the object is working properly, if I enter the variables into the string after xml.send it works. All I can presume is that the page is processed before it writes out what is in the request.form and so it is not sending the search variable from the first page.<BR><BR>Still with me?<BR><BR>Any ideas would be most welcome.<BR><BR>Rachel (me@rachelandrew.co.uk)