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    I am trying to programatically alter the sumbit action of a form so that when a button is pressed, the action is changed to point and submit to a different form. In doing this, a user would select a value from a drop down list and then select a button to invoke a form that calls upon this value using the request.form variable. Is this possible? Can it be done? <BR><BR>Yours Faithfully <BR>"Brassed off at not being able to achieve the simplest of tasks!"

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    :) I dont think i totally understand u here but i am guessing what u want is this:<BR>A form already has an "action" value set up but if the user presses another button, other than the submit button the action should change i.e the form should be submitted to a different page right?<BR>To do this you can use a "button" in the form apart from the "submit" and call a javascript function on the "onclick" event of the button, that function will overwrite the "action" value and then submit the form through javascript.

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    Absolutely Correct! However I am struggling to set the action value/ get the syntax right.<BR><BR>Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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